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The Coaching Process 


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Athletes have been using sports coaches and personal trainers for years to greatly improve their performance. Michael Jordan had a "shooting" coach (among the other 5 coaches he used) to win 6 championship rings and untold MVP awards. Tiger Woods used a "swing" coach before he won the four consecutive major golf tournaments. Yes, they were good, but they became great winners because of individual coaching.

The life coaching process is not limited to athletics or personal training. The life coaching process will assist you to achieve a vast array of goals in the personal, business, work, and family areas of your life.

What is Life Coaching?

The life coaching process is the only human improvement process that focuses completely on YOU! Life coaches are equal partners who assist you to improve and grow as a person as the means to achieve your goals. Life coaches assist you to become the World's Leading Expert on YOU! Coaches also assist you to execute the actions necessary to achieve your goals. You will have virtual control over the results you achieve through coaching, because you set the coaching goals, and the coaching process assures that you will achieve them.

How to Maximize the rewards you receive through Life Coaching:

The life coaching process works exceptionally well at assisting you to improve your life, business, relationships and your work. But like anything else, life coaching works best under the right conditions. You will want to make sure the following Four Key Conditions are met before you engage a life coach. These conditions are universal. Just like you will want to go snow skiing in Colorado in February, versus in Miami in June.

The Four Key Conditions to reap the most rewards from Life Coaching are:

1. You have at least one Coachable Goal that is best achieved through life coaching
2. You are ready to get the most from life coaching
3. You are matched with a life coach who is ideal for you.
4. Your life coach has considerable experience and a strong desire to coach YOU to your best.

What can you expect to pay for coaching in general?

Life coaches, and business coaches charge all over the map for their services. It has been reported that the average life coach (including over 60% who are rookie coaches) charges $187 per hour. You can reduce your costs by purchasing a bundle of sessions with your coach.

Schedule of Value for Performance Life Coaching through Champion Life

Initial Money-Back Guarantee Coaching Period-a flat $147 for a minimum of Three (3)  (One each with a minimum of three 30 minute) sessions. You may ask for and you will receive your full money back anytime during your Initial Money-Back Guarantee Period.

Second and subsequent coaching periods prices range from $375 to $475 for five (5) sessions.
Includes short between session calls and unlimited e-mail support at no extra cost. You decide to continue into each cycle, on a cycle-by-cycle basis, until you feel you have succeeded in achieving your champion. There are no contracts or restrictions to limit you.

What is the best way to shop and compare pricing on coaching services?

The prices charged a coach will not be an indicator of the quality of coaching they will provide you. You will not necessarily receive higher quality coaching from coaches who charge more, or inferior quality coaching from coaches who charge less. Selecting a coach based upon their ideal match up with you is far more effective than using price to pick a coach.

Get Started Now!

1. Decide where you really want to go in your champion life;  What do you really want?
3. Know who you will have to become to accomplish anything,  going for it confidently, fast and furious!
3. Email or call Champion Life for your no-risk confidential consultation

How long should I expect my coaching process to last?

Normally, you can expect to achieve your coaching goals within 90 to 100 days, when you connect with your true ideal coach. It can take twice that time if you are not matched with your ideal coach. However, the more accurate length of time will depend a lot on you, and your mindset verses distractions. . How fast you take to coaching, how quickly you take the actions you and your coach discover to be necessary to achieve your goals, and the nature of your goals will impact how long coaching will take to achieve your goals.

Can I Really Afford Life Coaching?

You only want to engage the services of a Life coach, if IT WILL NOT CREATE A FINANCIAL STRAIN on you. Being able to invest in yourself without the burden of serious financial constraints is critical to allowing you to focus on the most important thing in your life: YOU! You will want to budget for, at least, one 90 day coaching cycles to allow you to reap the full benefits from coaching with your ideal Champion Life Coach. 

Why is life coaching worth so much more than you pay?

The value of the goals you achieve will greatly exceed what you pay for coaching. You set your coaching goals and you will surely set goals that are the most valuable and important to you. In fact, coaching clients have found that the value of the goals they achieve through coaching are inevitably priceless.

There are also other, more hidden benefits of coaching that are frequently worth more than the value of the goals achieved. The benefits from improving as a person to achieve your coaching goals are frequently priceless. Getting your ideal income position (a very common coaching goal), will frequently entail reducing or eliminating your life stresses, improving your attitude about life, improving your relationships with others, etc.

Your Return On Investment (R.O.I.) on coaching:

Varied studies have shown that the Return On Investment (ROI) that you can expect from being coached exceeds 500%. Which means you will receive five (5) times more out of being coached than you paid to be coached.

This 500% ROI probably sounds much too good to be true. It is supported by the in-depth study shown here, and you can read it for yourself. Even if you only receive half the ROI, as reported, you will achieve a great Return. Paying for a Life Coach is an Investment in You! Your Growth! Your Improvement! Your Life Balance! Your Happiness! Your Health! Your Advancement! Your Career Improvement! Your Sales Improvement! You determine your own coachable goals and set the values of achieving them. We want and expect you to set very valuable and worthwhile goals (to you).

Why is it vital that you have at least one coachable goal?

The reason you hire a coach in the first place is to achieve your Coachable Goals.  You must have at least one goal (coachable goal) that is best achieved through coaching, to benefit from coaching.

How will you know if you have coachable goals?

A "coachable goal"is a future place you want to be as a person that requires you to grow or improve as a person to reach it. Coachable goals always involve moving forward in your life and refrain from reviewing to past to overcome past events.

Some examples of coachable goals are:
Discover, obtain, and maintain your "Inner Winner"
Convert Your Sport or Gifts  into a new and enjoyable career
Become a successful "First Time Olympian"
Become an even more Productive and Proactive Business Owner
and much much more.

How do I know if I am are ready to be coached?

You have total control over your degree of readiness to reap the full impact and rewards from coaching. You will determine the degree of your readiness when you positively answer the following questions:

1. How committed are you to achieving your goal(s)?
2. How willing are you to accept new perspectives/ opportunities/ paradine shifts?
3. How willing are you to invest something of value (usually money) in yourself?
4. How willing are you to take charge, being proactive as you and your coach uncover to achieve your goal?

How does telephone coaching compare to face-to-face coaching?

Telephone coaching has proven over the years to be the most effective, the most efficient, the most convenient, the most fun, the most private, the most confidential, and the least costly method of coaching available. In fact, over 91% of all successful coaching is conducted over the telephone.

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